counseling program smallWorthington School District Vision
- We will engage each student with diverse opportunities to maximize every student's potential.  - We will provide a safe environment where every student will grow intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.  - We will provide consistent communication and promote dialogue with our community.  - We will be responsible and transparent with our community's resources.

Worthington School District Mission
To empower a community of learners who will change the world.

Worthington Comprehensive Counseling Program Philosophy
The professional school counselors believe every child can learn and that all students have an equal right to access a licensed school counselor and to participate in a comprehensive school counseling program to ensure student success. The three service domains of academic, personal/social, and college/career development will maximize student achievement.

Worthington Comprehensive Counseling Program Beliefs
The counseling program is based on developmental concepts and theories and recognizes the strengths of individual students. Counselors in the Worthington School District believe:

  • All students are valuable and should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • All students can be challenged to develop their full potential.
  • All students can build personal resiliency and adapt to our continually changing world.
  • All students have opportunities to promote self-direction and self-development.
  • All students have the right to make choices and accept responsibility for choices made.
  • All students can expect that school is a safe and nurturing environment.

Counselors in the Worthington School District believe that a comprehensive counseling program

  • Must be an integral part of the total educational process of the Worthington School District.
  • Is student centered.
  • Is proactive, comprehensive, preventative and developmental.
  • Is dynamic and responsive to the changing needs of our schools and community.
  • Is planned, coordinated, managed and evaluated by school counselors.
  • Uses a team approach to help build positive school environments by encouraging collaboration among counselors, teachers, administrators, families and the community to further student achievement.
  • Is continually refined and improved through systemic review and evaluation.
  • Considers students’ ethnic, cultural, racial and gender differences, as well as their exceptional needs in the design and delivery of counseling services.

Counselors in the Worthington School District are:

  • Guided by the Ethical Standards of the American School Counseling Association (ASCA).
  • Engaged in professional development programs that are identified, coordinated, and/or developed by counselors for counselors that are essential to maintain a quality comprehensive counseling program.
  • Licensed certified school counselors uniquely qualified to deliver services and programs in the areas of academic, personal/social and college/career domains.

Worthington Comprehensive Counseling Program Mission Statement
The mission of the Worthington School District Comprehensive Counseling Program is to prepare every student academically, socially, and emotionally for present and future challenges. Counselors work as a student advocate in collaborative partnerships with students, educators, families, and community members to empower students to reach their highest level as productive members of society.