volunteer 1Worthington Kilbourne High School does not have a requirement for students to complete volunteer service hours.  Even though it is not a requirement for graduation, students are encouraged to seek opportunities that they would enjoy in which they can help others.  Volunteering is valuable not only for those who benefit from the community service, but also to those who are dedicating their time and talents to make an impact.

The range of volunteer opportunities available are as wide as the imagination.  If you have an idea that you know could help someone else then take it on as a project!  Some students enjoy volunteering for organizations that support causes that are important to them such as dog or cat shelters or non-profit health organizations such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the American Heart Association or a local food pantry, and others will want to dedicate their time in areas that will align with their future career paths such as in a hospital or a community park.  The opportunities are boundless.  Try to think about what you enjoy and how you could use your talents to help others.  If you love to read, what about reading to kids at a local daycare center, at the library, or teaching someone else to read at an English Language Learners meeting place?  If you love sports, what about volunteering with the Miracle League, iCanBike, or the Worthington Youth Boosters organization?  If you are someone who loves history, would you be interested in considering volunteering at the Veteran's Museum, the Ohio Historical Society, or Honor Flight?  Perhaps you have musical talent, can you volunteer to perform at a local nursing home or give lessons to someone else?  You might be the type of person who likes to show leadership and spearhead a campaign - great, what can you do to gather those around you toward a common goal?  Maybe you want to take up a collection of toiletries to help needy families that you can then donate to a shelter or send to the military who are depoyed or perhaps you'd rather plan and organize a group to help with a project like repainting and repairing a local playground.  Hopefully, you get that the point is it is simply about finding something that will be meaningful and rewarding to you that can also help others.

There are so many positive outcomes which come from volunteering.  Not only will you, potentially, meet new and interesting people, but you can feel good about being able to help others.  This intrinsic reward has been proven in countless studies and it is valuable - especially in those times when you aren't feeling like you have a lot of control or other positive things happening in your life.  Volunteering is also beneficial because there are so many options that you can be flexible to find a service option that will be meaningful to you and that can fit in your available time.  While we do not have requirements for service hours to be completed to graduate, students should maintain a record of their dates and hours of service because volunteering is something which should be included in your resume and on future college applications.

Want to learn more about volunteer opportunities in Ohio?  Check out the ServeOhio's Get Connected statewide volunteer portal at: serveohio.galaxydigital.com.  You can also use this site to track your hours and to create a volunteer transcript.